s+s project is proud to present a private exhibition by Chicago-based artist, Sofia Moreno in San Francisco,California on February 27, 2015. Among the works featured will be new works on paper and a site-specific installation for her latest installment of P o r n A g a i n Vol.2-A$$Mutation.

With her ongoing project – P o r n A g a i n – we arrive at the final part of a series of videos and installations by the artist. With A$$Mutation, Sofia immerses us into the depths of the ocean and retells the classic Little Mermaid tale. Her version is filled with hybrid creatures, environmental wastelands, and the detritus of desire and disillusionment. From video to paintings, sculptures, sound, and costumes, Moreno twists shapes and invokes chaos to combine the interactions of trans-identity, technology, and the sex industry to create beautifully monstrous work that appears alien, violent and sexually unapologetic in the midst of the aquatic myth. Unlike Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, these nymphs are viscous–built from amalgamation of synthetic and natural materials. Outcasted hybrids that are culturally constructed from Moreno’s Mayan lineage and the psycho-pop of our culture overrun with millennials and their waste. Moreno uses this as an opportunity to build from the immersive environment, handmade in relation to that of her body. What seems to be myth and fantasy quickly traverses into that of a harsh reality.

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